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Tech On Trek 11 Must Have Gadgets For The Modern Digital Nomad

Are you a digital nomad, always on the go, seeking adventure while maintaining your work schedule? Do you crave the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, without sacrificing your productivity?

Then you need to equip yourself with the right gadgets to make your journey a success.

As a modern digital nomad, having the right tech tools is essential to maintaining your work-life balance and staying connected to your work and loved ones. From portable chargers to smart luggage, there are a multitude of must-have gadgets that will enhance your travel experience and make your life easier on the go.

In this article, we will explore 11 essential gadgets that every digital nomad should have in their backpack, ensuring you stay connected and productive no matter where life takes you.

So, pack your bags, grab your gadgets, and let’s hit the road.

Portable Charger

You need a portable charger for all your on-the-go charging needs. As a digital nomad, you rely heavily on your electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and cameras. It’s crucial to keep them charged at all times, especially when you’re traveling to remote places or attending conferences.

When choosing a portable charger, you need to consider its charging speed and capacity. The charging speed determines how quickly your device will charge, while the capacity indicates how many times you can recharge your device before the charger runs out of juice. Ideally, you should choose a portable charger that has a fast charging speed and a high capacity.

There are many brands and models of portable chargers available in the market, but some of the best ones include Anker PowerCore, RAVPower, and Jackery. Anker PowerCore is a popular choice among digital nomads because it offers a high charging speed and capacity. RAVPower is another excellent option that offers a built-in flashlight and can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Jackery is a bit more expensive than the other two but is worth the investment because of its sleek design and fast charging speed.

Ultimately, the choice of portable charger depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Block out the world around you and immerse yourself in your work or entertainment with a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones are a must-have for any digital nomad who needs to tune out distractions and stay focused on their tasks.

The benefits of using noise cancelling headphones are numerous – they can help reduce stress, improve productivity, and even enhance your listening experience.

When it comes to choosing the best noise cancelling headphones for your budget, there are a variety of options available. For those on a tight budget, the Mpow H5 Noise Cancelling Headphones are a great choice. They offer excellent noise cancellation technology and sound quality at an affordable price point.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are widely regarded as the gold standard for noise cancelling headphones. They offer superior noise cancellation technology, exceptional comfort, and premium sound quality.

No matter what your budget is, investing in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones is a smart move for any digital nomad.

Travel Router

If you’re a digital nomad, staying connected while on the go is crucial to your work and productivity. That’s where a travel router comes in handy. With this device, you can create your own Wi-Fi network no matter where you are. This makes it easier to work and stay connected with clients and colleagues.

Look for a compact and lightweight option that won’t weigh you down on your travels.

Create Your Own Wi-Fi Network

Creating your own Wi-Fi network can be a game-changer for staying connected while on the go. With the rise of digital nomads and remote workers, having access to a reliable internet connection is essential.

However, relying on public Wi-Fi networks can be risky and unreliable. That’s where creating your own Wi-Fi network comes in handy.

There are many portable internet solutions for travelers, including travel routers and mobile hotspots. These devices allow you to create your own Wi-Fi network wherever you go, giving you the freedom to work and stay connected from anywhere.

With your own network, you can avoid the security risks of public networks and enjoy a more stable and reliable connection. Plus, many of these devices are small and lightweight, making them easy to pack and take with you on the go.

Stay Connected on the Go

Staying connected while traveling is crucial, especially for digital nomads who rely on the internet for work. Thankfully, there are several ways to stay connected while on the go.

One option is to invest in a portable Wi-Fi device, which allows you to create your own network wherever you are. This is a great option for those who are wary of using public Wi-Fi, which can be unreliable and unsafe.

Another tip for managing data usage on the go is to download maps and documents before you leave your Wi-Fi connection. This can save you from using up valuable data while you’re out and about.

Additionally, many phone plans now offer international data options, so be sure to check with your provider before you travel to see if there are any affordable options available to you. By being proactive and taking advantage of these options, you can ensure that you stay connected while traveling without breaking the bank.

Choose a Compact and Lightweight Option

Opt for a sleek and lightweight device when choosing your travel technology to ensure ease and convenience during your journeys. Space-saving solutions and minimalist designs are the way to go when it comes to packing for a digital nomad lifestyle.

You don’t want to be lugging bulky equipment around airports and train stations, nor do you want to be limited by the amount of space you have in your backpack or suitcase.

Here are three compact and lightweight options for your travel technology needs: 1) A slim laptop or tablet that can easily fit into your carry-on bag, 2) A portable charger to keep your devices charged on-the-go, and 3) A compact camera for capturing stunning travel photos without the added bulk of a DSLR.

By choosing these space-saving solutions, you can fully embrace the freedom that comes with being a digital nomad while ensuring you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

Portable Keyboard

You can easily improve your typing speed and productivity on the go with a portable keyboard. Whether you prefer a foldable or roll-up keyboard, these compact options allow you to type comfortably and efficiently from your laptop or mobile device.

Plus, with ergonomic designs that reduce strain on your wrists and fingers, you can work for longer periods without experiencing discomfort.

When choosing a portable keyboard, consider your personal preferences and needs. A foldable keyboard may be more sturdy and offer a more traditional typing experience, while a roll-up keyboard is more flexible and can easily fit in a small bag or pocket.

Whichever option you choose, a portable keyboard is a must-have gadget for any digital nomad looking to maximize their productivity on the go.

Smart Luggage

If you’re a modern digital nomad on the go, you need luggage that’s not only smart but also safe and secure.

Look for a lightweight and durable option that can withstand the rigors of travel.

You might also want to consider luggage with built-in charging and GPS tracking features for added convenience and peace of mind.

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure

Keep your valuables secure while on the go with these essential items. As a digital nomad, you need to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure from theft or damage. Here are the top 5 items that you should have in your backpack to keep your belongings secure:

– Anti-theft backpack: This backpack is designed with hidden zippers and slash-resistant materials to prevent pickpocketing and theft.
– TSA-approved luggage locks: These locks are essential to keep your luggage safe from tampering during transit.
– Portable safe: This small safe is perfect for storing your passport, cash, and other valuables in your hotel room or while on the go.
– RFID-blocking wallet: Protect your credit card information from theft with this wallet that blocks RFID signals.
Travel insurance: In case of loss or theft, travel insurance will provide you with financial assistance and peace of mind.

By having these items, you can enjoy your travels without worrying about the safety of your belongings. Remember to always be vigilant and keep an eye on your surroundings to avoid any potential risks.

Choose a Lightweight and Durable Option

When it comes to finding the perfect backpack for your travels, don’t settle for bulky and flimsy options that’ll weigh you down and fall apart.

A lightweight and durable backpack can make a huge difference in your travel experience, allowing you to move around more freely and comfortably.

But how do you find the right one? Here are some tips for finding the perfect balance between weight and durability.

First, consider the material of the backpack. Look for options made of lightweight but sturdy materials, such as nylon or polyester. These materials can withstand wear and tear, while still being lightweight enough to carry around.

Additionally, make sure the backpack has enough compartments and padding to safely store and protect your tech gadgets. By choosing the right material for your lightweight tech gadgets, you can ensure that they’re protected while you’re on the move.

Remember, a lightweight and durable backpack is an investment that can greatly enhance your travel experience.

By following these tips, you can find the perfect backpack that’ll keep up with your adventures and give you the freedom to explore without any added stress or discomfort.

So, choose wisely and enjoy your travels!

Consider Built-In Charging and GPS Tracking Features

Now that you’ve found a lightweight and durable option for your tech gadgets, it’s time to consider additional features that can make your life easier as a digital nomad.

One of the most important features to consider is built-in charging. With so many devices to keep charged, it can be a hassle to carry around multiple chargers or search for outlets. By choosing gadgets with built-in charging, you can save space and time, and always stay connected.

Another essential feature to consider is GPS tracking. As a digital nomad, you’re constantly on the move and may not always know your way around. GPS tracking can help you navigate unfamiliar places and ensure that you never get lost.

Additionally, GPS tracking can help you keep track of your gadgets if they get lost or stolen. Some of the top brands offering built-in charging and GPS tracking features include Apple, Samsung, and Garmin. By investing in these gadgets, you can enjoy the benefits of GPS tracking for digital nomads and stay connected no matter where your travels take you.


If you’re an avid reader always on the go, an e-reader is a must-have for your travels. With an e-reader, you can read books and articles without the hassle of carrying heavy books. Choose a lightweight and compact option that fits easily into your bag. Keep in mind the battery life and screen size for maximum reading comfort.

Read Books and Articles on the Go

Reading books and articles while on the move has never been easier with portable e-readers and smartphones. Whether you’re on a long flight or a short commute, you can take your reading material with you wherever you go.

E-readers like the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook provide a comfortable reading experience, with adjustable font sizes and backlit screens for reading in low light. Plus, they can hold thousands of books in one compact device.

However, if you’re looking to minimize screen time, you may want to consider reading in print format instead. Studies have shown that reading in print can help improve focus, comprehension, and memory retention. Plus, there’s something satisfying about holding a physical book in your hands and flipping through the pages.

So, whether you prefer the convenience of a digital device or the tactile experience of a print book, reading on the go is a great way to stay entertained and informed while living a life of freedom.

Choose a Lightweight and Compact Option

Looking for a portable option to bring with you on your travels? Consider investing in a lightweight and compact device. Not only will this help reduce the weight of your travel gear, but studies have shown that it can also decrease your carbon footprint by up to 50%.

Top brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft offer various options that are both powerful and lightweight. If you’re on a budget, there are also affordable options available from brands like Acer and ASUS.

When choosing a device, it’s important to consider durability versus affordability. While a cheaper option may seem enticing, it may not last as long as a more expensive device. On the other hand, a more expensive device may be more durable but may not fit within your budget.

Consider your travel needs and how often you will be using the device before making a decision. With the right lightweight and compact device, you can take your work and entertainment on the go without sacrificing convenience or your carbon footprint.

Consider Battery Life and Screen Size

When choosing your portable device, you’ll want to think about the battery life and screen size to ensure you have a device that will last throughout your travels and provide a comfortable viewing experience. Maximizing energy efficiency is essential for a digital nomad who spends most of their time on the go. Look for devices that have long battery lives or can be charged quickly. Additionally, consider investing in a portable battery pack to keep your device charged when you don’t have access to an outlet.

Finding the right display size is also crucial for a comfortable viewing experience. A screen that is too small can strain your eyes, leading to headaches and fatigue. On the other hand, a screen that is too large can be cumbersome to carry around. Consider your needs and the type of work you will be doing when choosing a display size.

Some options include a tablet with a 10-inch screen or a laptop with a 13-14 inch display. Ultimately, finding a device that balances battery life and screen size will enhance your productivity and allow you to focus on the freedom of your digital nomad lifestyle.

– Look for devices with long battery lives or quick-charging capabilities
– Invest in a portable battery pack for on-the-go charging
– Choose a display size that is comfortable for your needs and work style
– Consider a tablet with a 10-inch screen or a laptop with a 13-14 inch display
– Find a device that balances battery life and screen size for optimal productivity and enjoyment of your digital nomad lifestyle.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you’re constantly on the go and need internet access, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot is essential. Gone are the days of scouting for cafes or hotels with free Wi-Fi. With a portable hotspot, you can connect multiple devices to the internet anywhere, anytime.

One of the biggest advantages of a portable Wi-Fi hotspot is that it provides a secure connection. Unlike public Wi-Fi networks, which are often unsecured and vulnerable to hacking, a portable hotspot allows you to create your own private network. This is particularly important if you’re working with sensitive information or need to access online banking or other secure services.

When choosing a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, there are a few things to consider. First, look for a device with a long battery life. The last thing you want is for your hotspot to die in the middle of an important work session. Second, consider the coverage area and data plans offered by different brands.

Some of the best portable Wi-Fi hotspot brands include Verizon, AT&T, and Skyroam. While there are some drawbacks to using a portable hotspot, such as limited coverage in rural areas or the need to purchase data plans, the benefits far outweigh the costs for anyone who needs reliable internet access on the go.


The convenience of a smartwatch can’t be overstated. It allows you to stay connected without being tethered to your phone. Smartwatches have come a long way in recent years and have advanced features that make them a must-have for any digital nomad.

Here are three reasons why you should consider adding a smartwatch to your tech arsenal:

1. Fitness features: Many smartwatches now come with built-in fitness tracking features. You can monitor your activity levels, track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and even set reminders to take breaks and stretch throughout the day.

2. Integration with digital assistant: With the rise of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, smartwatches have become even more useful. You can use your smartwatch to control your smart home devices, set reminders, and even make phone calls hands-free.

3. Stay connected on the go: With a smartwatch, you’ll never miss an important notification or call again. You can receive text messages, emails, and social media alerts right on your wrist, making it easy to stay connected without constantly checking your phone.

Investing in a smartwatch is a smart move for any digital nomad. A smartwatch is a valuable tool that will help you stay organized, productive, and on top of your game.

Portable Scanner

If you’re a digital nomad who’s always on the go, you need a portable scanner to digitize your documents and receipts wherever you are. Look for a scanner that’s compact and lightweight so you can easily fit it in your backpack or luggage.

Also, make sure it’s compatible with your devices so you can quickly transfer the scanned files. With a portable scanner, you’ll never have to worry about losing important documents or receipts again.

Digitize Documents and Receipts on the Go

You can’t possibly survive as a traveler without a quick, easy way to digitize all your important documents and receipts. Mobile scanning solutions and paperless office solutions are essential for any digital nomad who wants to keep their paperwork organized and their backpack light.

Here are five must-have gadgets for digitizing documents and receipts on the go:

– Portable scanner: A portable scanner is a must-have for any digital nomad who wants to keep their paperwork organized and their backpack light. With a portable scanner, you can quickly scan documents, receipts, and business cards and save them as PDFs or JPGs.

– Smartphone scanner app: If you don’t want to carry a separate scanner, a smartphone scanner app is a great alternative. With a smartphone scanner app, you can easily scan documents and receipts using your phone’s camera and save them as PDFs or JPGs.

– Receipt scanner: If you’re a digital nomad who does a lot of business travel, a receipt scanner is a must-have gadget. With a receipt scanner, you can quickly scan receipts and save them as digital files, which makes it easy to track your expenses and stay organized.

– Digital pen: A digital pen is a great tool for taking notes and drawing sketches on the go. With a digital pen, you can easily digitize your handwritten notes and sketches and save them as digital files.

– Cloud storage service: To ensure that your digitized documents and receipts are safe and easily accessible, you should use a cloud storage service. With a cloud storage service, you can store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere, on any device.

Choose a Compact and Lightweight Option

Looking for a minimalist approach to digitizing your documents and receipts on the go? There are plenty of budget-friendly options available that won’t weigh you down during your travels.

One great option is the Doxie Go SE Portable Scanner. This compact scanner is only about the size of a rolled-up magazine and weighs in at just over a pound, making it easy to slip into your backpack or carry-on. It’s also wireless, so you can scan documents and receipts directly to your phone or computer without any cords or cables.

Another great option is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i. This scanner is slightly larger than the Doxie Go, but still weighs in at under three pounds and can easily fit into a backpack or carry-on. It has a fast scanning speed and can handle both single and double-sided documents. Plus, it comes with a variety of software options to help you organize and manage your digital files.

With these compact and lightweight options, you can easily digitize your documents and receipts on the go without weighing down your travel pack or breaking the bank.

Consider Compatibility with Your Devices

Now that you’ve chosen a compact and lightweight gadget for your digital nomad lifestyle, it’s important to consider compatibility concerns and device integration. You don’t want to end up with a gadget that doesn’t work well with your existing devices or that requires a lot of additional setup.

This is why it’s important to do your research before purchasing a gadget and to make sure it’s compatible with your devices. One way to ensure compatibility is by investing in universal chargers and docking stations. These types of gadgets are designed to work with a variety of devices, making it easier for you to charge and sync your devices on the go.

With a universal charger and docking station, you won’t have to worry about carrying multiple chargers or cords, which can be a lifesaver when you’re on the move. Here are four items to consider when it comes to compatibility and device integration:

1. Look for gadgets that are designed to work with multiple devices, such as a universal charger or docking station.

2. Check the compatibility of the gadget with your existing devices before making a purchase.

3. Consider investing in a gadget that offers fast charging capabilities to save time.

4. Make sure the gadget is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of additional setup or configuration.

By considering compatibility concerns and investing in universal chargers and docking stations, you can ensure that your digital nomad lifestyle is seamless and hassle-free. With the right gadgets, you can stay connected, stay productive, and stay focused on what really matters – your freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life of the portable charger recommended in the article?

Are you tired of constantly searching for a power outlet while on the go? Look no further than the portable charger recommended in this article.

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Are the noise-cancelling headphones recommended in the article compatible with all types of devices?

If you’re concerned about compatibility when it comes to noise-cancelling headphones, fear not! Most headphones these days are designed to work with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check the specs before making a purchase, just to be sure.

If you do run into any issues, there are always alternative options available. For example, you could consider purchasing a pair of wired headphones that come with an adapter, or even a Bluetooth receiver that can connect to your device and transmit audio to your headphones wirelessly.

Whatever your needs may be, there are plenty of options out there to help you enjoy your music or podcasts in peace and quiet, no matter where your travels may take you!

Can the travel router recommended in the article be used in countries with different power outlets?

When it comes to traveling internationally with electronic devices, power compatibility is a major concern. The travel router recommended in the article is designed to work with a variety of power outlets, making it a great option for digital nomads on the go.

Whether you’re traveling to Europe, Asia, or South America, this router can be used without the need for additional adapters or converters. This means you can stay connected and productive no matter where your travels take you.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile travel router for international use, look no further than the one recommended in this article.

What is the typing experience like on the portable keyboard recommended in the article?

Are you a digital nomad constantly on the move? If so, you know the importance of having a portable keyboard that is both comfortable and easy to carry.

With the recommended portable keyboard, you can expect a typing experience that is both comfortable and efficient. Its ergonomic design allows for long periods of typing without any discomfort, making it perfect for those long work sessions. Additionally, it’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

The keyboard’s portability ensures that you never have to sacrifice comfort for convenience. So go ahead, take your work on the road and enjoy a comfortable and efficient typing experience with the recommended portable keyboard.

Does the smart luggage recommended in the article come with a TSA-approved lock?

If you’re considering purchasing the recommended smart luggage for your travels, it’s important to know that it doesn’t come with a TSA-approved lock. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a deal-breaker.

One pro of the smart luggage is that it often comes equipped with features such as a built-in charger and GPS tracking, making it easy to keep your devices powered up and your luggage easily traceable if lost.

Alternatives to smart luggage with TSA-approved locks include traditional luggage locks or purchasing a separate TSA-approved lock to use with the smart luggage. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option and make the best decision for your individual needs.

Regardless of what you choose, having secure luggage is essential for any digital nomad on the go.


Congratulations, you’re now ready to take on the world as a digital nomad! With the 11 must-have gadgets we’ve listed, you’ll be able to work and travel seamlessly.

From a portable charger to a smartwatch, you’ve got everything covered. But remember, these gadgets are just tools. They won’t make or break your success as a digital nomad.

What will truly make a difference is your passion, dedication, and hard work. As the saying goes, “a craftsman is only as good as his tools.” But even the best tools can’t replace the value of skill and expertise.

So, go out there and explore the world. Use these gadgets to enhance your productivity, but always remember that you are the one in control.

Embrace the freedom and flexibility of the digital nomad lifestyle, and make the most out of every opportunity. Happy trekking!