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About Michael

Hiking in Yunnan, China, at Tiger Leaping Gorge – Digital Nomad Explorer

My LinkedIn Profile: Michael Haralson LinkedIn
My Youtube Channel: Digital Nomad Explorer

Here are a few things to know about me:

MY AMBITION IN CREATING THIS WEBSITE – is that it will help young nomads and even experienced nomads explore the options they have to fulfill their curiosity and eagerness to travel and work internationally. In the best scenario, the ideas and resources on this website will educate people on how not only to live this digital nomad lifestyle but gain skills that will enable them to be successful at it and thrive.

I’M AN ADVENTURER – if you asked me what I am at my core, I would say that I’m an adventurer in my approach to life. I have always looked for interesting, unique and exciting new experiences that travel gives. I will explore the meaning of adventurer through articles on this website.

STARTED TRAVELING IN MY TEENS – I got the travel bug early. My first trips were to Hawaii and Germany and later lived four months in Scotland. By the time I was 26 I had left my hometown of San Diego, California and moved permanently to Finland.

EARLY MOBILE OFFICE REMOTE WORKER – Thanks to Nokia Mobile Phones where I started working in the mid-90s, I was an early digital mobile warrior using cellular data through a mobile phone to do my work while I traveled. I worked and traveled extensively to over 50 countries and later was an expat in Beijing, China for two and a half years.

DIGITAL NOMAD & ENTREPRENEUR – I had my own robotics company for a period of two years traveling around Europe and China, visiting partner companies and working out of startup incubators and co-working spaces. Later I was a manager for a small startup incubator in Finland and was surrounded by technical startups and entrepreneurs. Along the way, I met lots of great people and learned different approaches to freelance work and building companies.

CURRENTLY LOCATION INDEPENDENT WITH A HOME BASE – Working now at a growing startup, I travel for work frequently sometimes spending up to two weeks working remotely in different countries.

ADVENTURES I WOULD DO AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT – My China travels to over 40 cities/villages, my Maui beach adventure, trips to Italy (Sicily, Rome), and my four months living in Scotland where I hill walked 7 Munros.