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How to Describe a World Traveler

If you are like me, then you love traveling. Whether it is visiting a foreign country on a work trip and having the weekends free or taking a vacation somewhere, I think everyone loves being able to explore other places. I sometimes meet people who have traveled extensively in every corner of the world. In discussing with friends about world travelers, they often wonder, how do you describe a world traveler?

The term “world traveler” refers to someone who has traveled extensively on multiple continents. World travelers are more than just travelers; they understand different cultures and have observed similarities and differences, expanding their horizons and growing as individuals. 

A person who has only visited a few countries is not on the same level as someone who has traveled the world. The difference is not only in the number of countries visited. 

How do you describe a world traveler

These people have experienced each place’s nature, culture, and history. Many people would never dream of visiting or experiencing places that they have been. The experiences they have gained have changed their lives, and because of it, they are usually adventurous and love exploring new places.

But why should you care whether or not you are considered a world traveler? Well, because being a world traveler is a lifestyle. Recognizing that lifestyle – the character, the traits, and activities – can give you an advantage in figuring out how you want to live your life and can be a guide on what to focus on if you want to achieve this lifestyle.

What Are the Characteristics of a Traveler?

Traveling imposes particular habits and character traits on you. If you are looking for a true traveler, it’s got to be someone willing to fly to various countries several times per month. It’s necessary that a person has or acquires numerous features and characteristics.

Traveling should be interesting, alluring, and captivating. It has to be the dream, or the challenges involved could overwhelm you. These characteristics are more like adaptations, with a blend of innate ability and acquired skills.

A traveler needs to have a strong motivation, which pushes you to take a fluid trip from one country to another. The traveler must be patient and determined because anything can happen, bringing the entire journey to a halt. If it wasn’t for these traits, or if fear was an issue, how could you go out of your comfort zone?

How could you face a life of solitude and talking to strangers? You’d have to keep dealing with foreign authorities and cultures, whether they are friendly or hostile. Every second becomes useful and necessary to overcome all obstacles.

A traveler has to be sociable. You need to be close to people, even if you don’t know them beforehand. Yes, you’ll have to make friends on your trip. Travelers have also become fascinated by the way people live across the world. Thus, it opens them up, especially to people they meet on their journey.

Moreover, a traveler has to be extremely flexible and adaptable because you never know what will happen next. You are constantly looking for new destinations and new goals. So, staying in one place for too long is not an option.

You will always have to go out of your comfort zone and interact with the environment. It would be best if you were open to strangers; otherwise, it would be challenging to meet people anyhow.

Finally, a traveler has to be extra knowledgeable about different countries, their manners, and customs. Most importantly, you have to be curious. It’s necessary to learn about the world, so you never feel overwhelmed by new surroundings.

World travelers spend lots of time traveling

What Do You Call Someone Who Travels the World?

There are many terms that people use for world travelers. It could be someone with wanderlust, a nomad, or even just an experienced traveler. The labels go on and on endlessly. The following is a list of different types of travelers and what they call themselves:


These are people who go from place to place, including tourists and nomads.


These are people that traveled by canoe to trade with Native Americans. Modern voyageurs do the same thing but in a boat.


It’s someone who travels to exotic locations for adventure. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an adventurer is a person who undertakes hazardous journeys in unknown regions, especially for the sake of discovery or scientific research.

Ant-Based world traveler

Someone who travels the world through Airbnb homes to stay with hosts worldwide. The American slang term ‘Be a Traveler’ is based on this concept.

World travelers explore the world

Digital nomad

It’s a modern nomad that travels the world using technology to work remotely. This term is used more often by digital marketing professionals, but it could be applied to just about anyone who uses an internet connection to work while traveling.

People with wanderlust

It’s a person who loves to travel and does so whenever they can. This term is sometimes used in a derogatory manner, but it is simply the proper definition of someone who has a strong need for wanderlust.

Wanderlust comes from Wend and Lust, which means ‘left’ and ‘desire,’ respectively. It means wishing to travel.

World traveler

It’s a person who travels all over the world. This term could also just be someone who has traveled to many places in their life but not necessarily around the world. The latter is more appropriate for someone who has only one or two trips under their belt.


A globe trotter is a person who travels all over the world but not always regularly. Someone with this title might take some time off from traveling to settle down for a while before going back to it after.

How Do You Know When You Are a World Traveler?

The first step to becoming a world traveler is not just packing your bags and hopping on the next flight to Rome. A true world traveler has experienced the culture, lifestyle, people, and activities that each country offers. This type of travel can be very different than what you would expect.

A world traveler is not just someone who visits different countries. Instead, their travel experiences give them insight into the way of life in each location they visit. They are more aware of the cultures that make up our planet, understanding history and how it influences today’s society.

World traveling includes having knowledge of activities within certain regions and what foods are their specialty. For example, Europe has many different activities that people enjoy doing, like skiing, hiking, and sightseeing. And chefs consider ingredients for their main dishes by observing the vegetables that grow in each of the four seasons to find particular ingredients for their meals.

A world traveler is someone who has dedicated themselves to studying how different cultures influence our society today. Trade agreements between countries are sometimes based on cultural similarities. Music is influenced by the countries that create it. Language, too, can be shaped by cultural differences between inhabitants of particular regions.

There are many ways to become a world traveler. For example, you can study abroad in another country for a semester or year. It will allow you to experience what life is like in another country. You do not have to travel the world independently to become a world traveler.

However, becoming a world traveler is more than just visiting other countries. For example, you can study different cultures through books or documentaries that provide insight into what daily life is like for people living in different regions of the globe.

World traveling is different for everyone. It is not just hopping on the next flight to Rome but gaining an insight into what everyday life is like in other parts of this world.

Final Thoughts      

Traveling the world is a lifestyle choice. Embarking on this journey will change how you think about people, cities, and cultures. If you want to become a world traveler, then you need to decide what kind of world traveler you want to be. Do you want to go to every corner of the globe?

I hope this has helped you learn how to describe a world traveler. We have covered many aspects of travel during this series, from where to go to why to travel. We have even talked about how to present yourself as a traveler. Hopefully, this guide will help you become a better traveler.